Best SumUp Review 2023: Is It The Right Choice For Your Small Business?

What Is SumUp?

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SumUp Review 2023 provides card compendiums and payment results. Scoring an overall 4.2/ 5 in our exploration, its stage-eschewal features include three different tackle plans. It also has the loftiest client score (4.8/ 5) out of all the providers we looked at similar to Square, Zettle, and Revolut. Having solid support on hand makes it easier to take payments easily.

Still, you need the technology to be suitable to do so, If you run a business that accepts payments in person.

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How Does SumUp Work?

SumUp Review 2023 allows businesses to accept card payments in person, through online invoices, with a payment link, or over the phone.

  • The company’s two each-white compendiums with black-and-white displays are among the cheapest ways to start accepting in-person payments. Using SumUp Review 2023 doesn’t bear a long-term contract, and there’s no yearly figure to use it. One of the compendiums is a standalone device; to use it, you don’t need to be tethered to a phone or register. This inflexibility can be a plus, especially if you move locales constantly and don’t want to buy multiple tablets or phones.
  • The flipside of SumUp’s minimalist approach is that it has a limited point set relative to other companies, especially those that offer complete point-of-trade, or POS, systems. SumUp Review 2023 says it has a POS system coming soon, but until also druggies must calculate on an app that has some factors POS systems have, like the option to make an item roster, but that lacks more complex features, like the capability to make a bottom plan of an eatery or snappily incorporate a client fidelity program. Although other companies offer dozens of reports, you’ll have access to only many reports with SumUp, like sale and profit summaries.
  • In addition to in-person payments, you can use SumUp to shoot online checks to guests. You’ll also have access to payment links and a virtual outstation that lets you accept over-the-phone (manually reconciled) payments.

SumUp Alternatives

PayPal Zettle: It’s Easy & Cheap

Payment Processing Fees:

  • 2.29% Plus 9 Cents For Personal & QR Code Transactions.
  • 3.49% Plus 9 Cents For Manual Entry Card Transactions.
  • 3.49% Plus 49 Cents For Invoice Transactions.

Why we like it: The Zettle card anthology has an analogous fund calculator vibe and price point. PayPal Zettle also has a traditional desktop terminal and a POS system. This option, which is possessed by online payments giant PayPal, might be a good match if you also vend online.

Square: Great For Growing A Business

Payment Processing Fees:

  • $0 For Square Post, Restaurant, Retail & Appointment Free Plans.
  • $29 For The Square POS Plus & Square Appointment Plus Plans.
  • $60 For The Restaurant Plus & Retail Plus Plan.
  • $69 For Square Dating’s Premium Plan.

Why we like it: Like SumUp Review 2023, you can start accepting payments with Square for lower than$ 50 in tackle costs, have a$ 0 yearly payment, avoid a long-term commitment and pay low payment processing costs. still, Square’s POS system gives you further tools off the club, like better reporting tools, as well as a system that can grow with your company. Some features bring redundant, similar to the client fidelity program.

SumUp Pay Terminals

SumUp Review 2023 Sells Three Distinct Card Readers:

  • SumUp Air: Requires Bluetooth Connection With An App on Mobile Device.
  • SumUp Solo: Palm-sized, Stand-alone, Portable Touchscreen Terminal.
  • SumUp 3G and Printer: A standalone, Basic Card Reader With An Attached Receipt Printer.

All are wireless and portable, perfect for on the go or while on their respective charging docks.

You’ll get about 500 meals out of a full charge. Busy stores may want to conclude for a charging station, which not only keeps the Air charged all day, it also looks good and keeps the anthology in place on a countertop. The card anthology is smooth and swish with a glass face and plastic base that’s nice to hold in the hand. It’s tampered- with evidence, meaning any external trouble to manipulate its technology will shut it down so it can’t be used anymore. That’s great for security, but you need to make sure it’s not near largely glamorous fields, which could inadvertently suppose it permanently unworkable.

<strong>Works without phone/tablet</strong>
POS integrations
Receipt printing
SumUp Air
£39 + VAT
<strong>Works without phone/tablet</strong>
Uses phone network/WiFi
84 x 84 x 23 mm
500 Transactions
POS integrations
SumUp App, SumUp Point of Sale
Receipt printing
Via Compatible Mobile Printers
SumUp Solo
£79 + vat
<strong>Works without phone/tablet</strong>
WiFi, GPRS, 3G, 4G (SIM included)
83 x 83 x 17 mm
100 Transactions
POS integrations
Receipt printing
No Compatible Printers
SumUp 3G & Printer
£129 + VAT
<strong>Works without phone/tablet</strong>
WiFi, GPRS, 3G (SIM included)
165 x 89 x 72 mm
50 Transactions
POS integrations
Receipt printing
SumUp 3G Printer Only

Fees: Low, Fixed Rates & No Monthly Payments

No ongoing or yearly freights apply to SumUp Review 2023– you only pay a flat rate of 1.69 per card anthology sale, which is lower than Zettle’s and Square’s fixed rates. The payment outstations are bought outspoken and possessed by you but can be returned for a full refund within 30 days if you change your mind. Given the lack of contractual commitment, termination freights, or yearly minimal deals volume, you’re not charged anything if you don’t make deals for any length of time. This is great for shifting deals, seasonal businesses, or anyone making £1,000 or lower per month in card payments.

SumUp Charges
SumUp Card MachinesSumUp Air: £39 + VAT
SumUp Solo: £79 + VAT
SumUp 3G & Printer: £129 + VAT
Free shipping and a 30-day money-back
guarantee included
Account CreationFree
ContractNo lock-in, No Exit Fee
Monthly CostFree
Card Reader Transactions1.69% (any card)
RefundsFree Before Settlement, Transaction Fee After
Chargeback Fee£10
Minimum Monthly Sales VolumeNo Minimum, No Fees
Invoice, Online & link Payments2.5% Per Transaction
QR Code PaymentsNo Transaction Fee
Virtual Terminal & Keyed Payments2.95% + 25p Per Transaction
SumUp Review 2023


For reporting options, it’s stylish to log in to the SumUp Review 2023 Dashboard in a web cybersurfer. piecemeal from its introductory deals overview within a named time period, you can export your deals history from a particular day, week, or month to a CSV train for an account. Payout reports are transferred via dispatch when agreements are completed and are downloadable as a PDF train. Although you can not integrate SumUp Review 2023 with external account software, a new SumUp Accounting system is being rolled out to druggies in the Dashboard. Then, you can track all your earnings and charges, produce Handbasket reports, and submit them to HMRC fluently.

Who Is The Best SumUp Review 2023 For?

SumUp Review 2023 suits sole dealers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses taking an extremely stoner-friendly card machine and protean features for remote selling too. request booths, artists and makers, independent shops, hack motorists, tradesmen, beauty salons, haircutters, and haircutters like the plumpness of the platform. numerous cafés and caffs
also use SumUp Review 2023, occasionally with a more advanced POS system.

SumUp Review 2023 is designed to suit businesses that don’t need further than many card compendiums – anything further, and you presumably want a more complex POS system that tracks stock situations, staff movements, and further. You can use numerous SumUp compendiums in the same account, but the lack of position operation can make it hard to cover who did what. Outside dealers working a lot in the sun should go for either SumUp Review 2023 Air or Solo with its bright, malleable screen you can see in the sun. The display on SumUp 3G is hard to read in strong sun.

Those traveling abroad for business – to trade shows, for illustration – can use SumUp on their peregrination if previous arrangements have been made with the client service platoon. This arrangement is available for nearly all of Europe.

Our Verdict

  • Lower Than The Average Transaction Fee.
  • There Are No Monthly Subscription Fees.
  • International Card Processing Capability.
  • 30-Day Free Trial.
  • Do Not Accept High-Risk Merchants.
  • Phone Support Is Only Available From Monday To Friday From 9 AM To 7 PM.
  • Traders Must Apply To Get a Virtual Terminal.

Price: £129/year

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